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Clean and optimize your PC
Improve the speed and stability of your system *

Free Download the latest
version of OSHI Cleaner
(ver. 1.2.36)
  • How it’s works

    • Cleanup junk and redundant files on your PC regains speed and hard drive space.
    • Cleaning of registry increases system stability and speed
    • Uninstalling of old or unwanted programs helps your PC to work faster and frees up disk space
    • Control startup programs to speed up your computes start
    • Cleaning old restore points helps to free even more disk space
  • Easy to use

    • Clear disk and registry with just one button click
    • Simple interface guides you though advanced cleanup options
    • Don’t require installation

* For better results we suggest to use OSHI Cleaner with our Free to Try Cloud antivirus known as best Adware removal, Trojan Removal, Malware Removal