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Excellent choice for system cleanup and optimizing your PC’s performance.

  • One-click disk and registry cleanup
  • Advanced options for performance optimization
  • Easy to use interface
  • No installation required
Program version 1.2.36


OSHI Cleaner is designed to help user to free up disk space, improve system performance and startup time and increase general system stability by searching and cleaning up junk and redundant files and registry keys, uninstalling old or unwanted applications and cleaning your system startup and restore points.

System Requirements:
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3
  • 32-bit / 64-bit
  • 30 MB RAM or higher
  • 12 MB Hard Disk

Easy to use

OSHI Cleaner’s interface is simple and clean, and allows you to perform disk and registry cleaning in one click. You can also scan your computer manually and see list of detected objects in simple and convenient way.

OSHI Cleaner:
  • Cleans up of junk and redundant files on your PC
  • Cleans up redundant registry keys
  • Helps to uninstall old or unwanted programs
  • Allows to manage and clean startup programs
  • Provides possibility to clean system restore points in simple way

Frequent questions

PC is running out of free space, what can I do?

The longer you use your PC the more space it takes for system to store logs and temporary files, junk files can accumulate in recycled-bin. Using OSHI Cleaner will safely clean up all those files in one click and free your disk space for your usage.

System startup became too slow can it be fixed without windows re-installation?

System startup can be significantly slowed down by programs launched on system start. They may not be visible to you while increasing system startup time. You can manage and clean redundant startup programs using OSHI Cleaner

My system became slower over time, is there a way to optimize it?

Cleaning of file system, registry and startup programs along with uninstalling or redundant programs can significantly increase system performance. All these actions can be done using OSHI Cleaner in minutes.

Version History

v1.2.35 (14 May 2013)
  • Fixed! Crash on some x64 systems.
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