You don't need to be an expert

to make your PC cleaner and faster.

How to use OSHI Cleaner

OSHI Cleaner is great way to free up your disk space, speed up computer performance and improve system stability. It is safe, powerful and simple to use.

Quick clean

Fully automatic cleaning, if you are not PC expert and want to clean your computer’s disk and registry as fast as possible – just press the “Clean” button and enjoy.

One button to clean them all!  
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Manual cleaning

You can manually control which files and registry keys to clean using advanced cleaning tabs

Click “scan” button to start  

You can filter out result groups – they will
not be cleaned and will be hidden from the list

Select files or file groups to be cleaned  
Click “Clean” to get rid of them  
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Registry cleaning
Click “scan” button to start

You can filter out result groups – they will
not be cleaned and will be hidden from the list 

Select registry keys or group you want to clean 
Click “clean” button to free your registry from redundant keys.  
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Advanced options

Speed-up your system even more with advanced clearing options.

Note: You must be sure items you clean out with these options are not needed indeed!

Startup cleaning

Programs in the list below are set up to be launched on every system start. Clear ones you don’t need to speed up windows start.

Select applications you don’t want to be launched on every system start 
Click “Remove” button to clean them 
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Application uninstall

Check programs installed on your PC, if you don’t need some of them anymore – uninstall them to free disk space and improve system performance and stability. If some of your programs were not uninstalled correctly and are still in the list you can delete those entries (be careful and delete entries only for programs which were uninstalled incorrectly before)

Check programs description and size on disk in the list and select one if you want to uninstall it 
Click “Uninstall” button to start the program removal wizard 
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Restore points cleaning

Restore information is kept in system for case you’ll need to roll back your system to previous state, but if you are sure your system is currently works fine you can clean most of them to free up disk space.

Note: It is recommended not to delete most recent restore point to have possibility to roll back to stable system in case of any trouble.

Select restore point you want to delete 
Click "Delete" button to remove uninstall entry for the program 
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